11. Internationale Meteoritenbörse Ensisheim - France - 19. - 20. Juni 2010

Our Hotel in Ensisheim during the show.

Man made impact crater at the wall of the local jail.

Enthroning ceremony

The new brothers are Olaf Gabel, Regis Gougeon, Kazimierz Kazurek and Christmacher Erwin.

Mirko Graul, me, Dirk Hohmann, Andre Knoefel.

Zelimirīs enthroning ceremony for John T. Wasson in the evening.

John Wasson, his wife Gudrun and Zelimir Gabelica, the organizer of the show.

Late Friday evening me, Tina, Marc Jost, Mirko Graul, Marcin Cimala, Eva and Heiner Thiel.

Peter Marmet and Graham Ensor.

Mohamed Iqui

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