Mineralientage Munich - Germany - 31. Oktober - 02. November 2008

Copiapo is seldom offered, here at the table of Serguei Vassiliev.

Piedade do Bagre, also for sale from Serguei.

Andi Gren and Olaf Gabel.

Me and Ismaily who had the most and best NWA material in Munich.

Ismily´s new iron from NWA has a total weight of 15 kilo.

Bernd Pauli, Harald Stehlik and me in the evening, checking our new material.

Acid cleaned Nantan, but still rusting.

This is a good collection size for a Sikhote.

Many SA shrapnels, but nothing special.

Mirko, me, Bernhard Kleeberger and Marc Jost.

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