Mineralientage Munich - Germany - 30. Oktober - 01. November 2009

The large iron tower infront oft he east entrance.

Bernie Kleeberger, me, Ismaily.

Tina and Mirko Graul, Bernhard, me, Beat Booz and Ismaily.

This is a 8.4 kilo complete NWA individual with good crust and nice oriented.

Martin Neukamm, Wolfgang Flemming and me.

Zelimir Gabelica visiting the table of Ali Hmani and his on Mohamed.

Sergei Avanasiev and Dima Sidilenko.

Ahmed Pani, Erwin Obermeier and Herbert Raab.

Hans Koser

A large Campo iron meteorite for sale.

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Zugriffe heute: 2 - gesamt: 2400.

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