7. Internationale Meteoritenbörse Ensisheim - France - 16. - 18. Juni 2006

Mirco Graul and his wife

Zelimir Gabelica, the organisator of the Ensisheim Show and his team

Christian Anger, Harald Stehlik and me

Jim Strope, Christian Anger and me late friday evening

Saturday beer testing together with Marc Jost, Peter Marmet, Jurgen and Serge.

Mike Farmer, Dave Schulz, Jim Strope, me and Mohamed

Christian Anger and me

Olaf "impactor" Gabel, Andi Gren, Thomas Dehner and Martin Altmann

Manfred Dannapfel, Moni Waiblinger from the meteorite-hunter mailing list, me and Michael Hofmann

lot of fun again on saturday evening together with Peter Marmet, me, Jurgen, Ewa and Uwe Eger, Marc Jost and friend

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