9. Internationale Meteoritenbörse Ensisheim - France - 21. - 22. Juni 2008

The new hotel "Domaine du Moulin".

John Kashuba and Mike Farmer during the enthroning ceremony.

New guardians 2008 John Kashuba, Mike Farmer, Hans Koser, Svend Buhl and Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin.

All together after the ceremony.

Dinner friday evening at the Couronne hotel.

swiss connection

Gregor Pacer and Marcin Cimala.

Serge Walter, John and Mary Kashuba, Anne Black.

From left to right: Cyrille Cogneville (F), Alain Devilliers (F), Roger Warin (B, "the thin section man"), Marie-Paule Warin (B), Etienne Lefebvre (B); in front: the back of Kohn Kashuba.

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