Mineralientage Munich - Germany - 29. - 31. Oktober 2004

Carine + Bruno, Michel Franco, Rob Haag, Bernhard Rems, Nick Gesserl, Christian Anger, Dean Bessey, Olaf Gabel, Manfred Dannapfel, Anne Black, Norbert Classen, girlfriend +Sigi Haberer

a lot of fun

still enough beer

Me, Rob Haag, Christian Anger - and no beer.....................

Oh no, we didnīt drink too much beer..............

Carine + Bruno and Michel Franco, the French Connection

Christian Strehlin with his girlfriend and Norbert Classen,

Mohammed, Rob Haag, Me, Andrej,

Harald Stehlik, Rob Haag and Sigrid Wengert still hungry..........

late at night the "Fliegerbrau" wants to close, so we had to go. You could see how hard it was to leave :-)

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