Mineralientage Munich - Germany - 28. - 30. Oktober 2005

Main entrance East - still nice weather all the days

Me, Christian Anger, Norbert Kammel and Harald Stehlik

friday 02.00 am meeting at Erich´s table Marcin Cimala, Stefan Ralew, Andreas Gren, Martin Altmann, Andrei Razvan, Norbert Classen, Me, Christian Anger, Harald Stehlik, Norbert Kammel, Erwin Obermaier, Herbert Raab

Iris and Al Lang with Norbert Kammel

Dean Bessey and his mom with 1 ton of meteorites

friday evening at the "Fliegerbrau"

me and Norbert Classen - no comments

right view of room 1 at Fliegerbrau

Marcin, Andrei, Christian, Manfred, Knut, Svend, Olaf, Norbert, Jachymek, Heike

left view of room 1 at Fliegerbrau

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