Mineralientage Munich - Germany - 28. - 30. Oktober 2005

E.T. and Ali Hmani

Stefan Ralew and Sveta

Ali Hmani and his son, Dean and his mom, Harald Stehlik

the Hmani´s, Bessey´s and E.T.

Peter Marmet and Mrs Jost

Me, Manfred Dannapfel, Martin Altmann, Andreas Gren

Knut Metzler, Christian Anger, Olaf Gabel and me

we closed the doors late at night at the Fliegerbrau Martin Altmann, Andreas Gren, Martin Dannapfel, me, Christian Anger, Svend Buhl, Harald Stehlik, Andrei Razvan

Ali Hmani and always nice NWA´s

Silvia and Erich Haiderer with lots of different stuff

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