Mineralientage Munich - Germany - 28. - 30. Oktober 2005

Andreas Gren, Svend Buhl, Jan Bartels and his wife

a nice etched endcut of the Treysa meteorite

saturday evening at "Zum Straubinger" very close to the Viktualien market in the center of Munich

In the restaurant "Zum Straubinger" we enjoyed the delicious bavarian food with porc knuckles, dumpling and sauerkraut and a good beer, or two beer, or three or ........... me, Alexander Seidel, Martin Altmann, Andreas Gren

me, Mike Farmer and Karl Spich

the table from Karl Spich with his large Gibeon shield

Wolfgang Flemming and me

the displays from the Egerīs

the Karlīs and Vassiliev showed their new australian irons

Bruno and Carine

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